A collective

semi-conscious reality

trapped in

seductive summer honey,

pretending not to notice

the larger

metaphysical irony....

Life in the Hologram

19 x 14.5" (48 x 37 cm)
(Painting destroyed on September 11, 2001)

Only two years before, I had sat at this window and painted the watercolor above, Life in the Hologram, from the view of the bustling world outside. Now that same scene had been transformed into something so unreal, so totally surreal, and yet, like a hologram, too real to comprehend. Was it all just an illusion? A dream?

We'd all like to wake up now....

While most of the paintings in my loft did survive, the voracious "metaphysical irony" crested with this painting, which had been selected for an exhibition at the Federal Reserve Bank. The opening of that show, scheduled for late August, was inexplicably delayed. The paintings for it were being stored at 5 World Trade Center.

But I'm still alive. I'd just like to wake up now.

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